Making progress!

Ah man, I’m happy to announce that I am finally loosing weight! In January I hit 14 stone, I was so mortified as I was a size 18, but I wouldn’t admit it to myself. I was miserable, my clothes didn’t fit me and my self esteem was on the floor. The first 6 months were rocky, as per usual the first couple of months started off positive before I went back to old habits, in July I weighed in at 13 st 7 lbs.

August my husband and I broke up and I had the heartbreak diet, I had no appetite at all for a couple of months. In September I got a personal trainer, today (November 12th) I’m down to just under 12 stone. I’ve lost 2 stone in total!

I’m starting to get back into eating a vegetarian diet and by January I will be doing the Veganaurary, which I hope to stay vegetarian there after this time! It will be my third year.

I’ve got my personal trainer till December, then in January I’m going to look into joining a small town gym. I have 2 stone to get to my goal weight of 10 stone and then I will be working on my mind, I have a lot of healing to do.

Love and light, Victoria. x



So how is my month going?

I will be honest and admit I’ve had some slip ups, okay a fair few 😦

  • I ate some quorn products coz I had them in the freezer.
  • Iv’e had a bottle of procecco.
  • I drank some capachino sachets to finish them off.
  • I ate a chicken dinner at my mates house not last weekend, but the weekend before.

and I had a really bad day on the 18th and binged and ate meat 😦 but I’m super proud of myself because I got right back on track the very next day. You see I was having a crappy week with 2 sick kids and cooped up in the house and yeah I just fell apart slightly. But considering my past and the ‘oh fuck it I’ve messed up’ attitude I used to have getting back on track the next day is amazing progress for me because usually it would be weeks or months!

Oh and I literally just ate a bag of sweet potato chips and I thought they would be okay and I was half way through the pack and was like oh I best look at the ingredient and fuck me there is milk in them 😦

Let’s have a look at what I have been buying and eating:

Cauldrons chickpea fafallals with a baby leaf spinach salad.

Tescos super grain mix pot with Singapore rice noodles and baby leaf spinach and vegi bites chorizo style prices.

Tescos mixed wild and white rice vegetable frozen microwaved steamed rice with baby leaf spinach and a mixed bean pie (came in a from morrisons I’ve forgotten the name of it)

Frozen steamed vegetables the microwave kind with the vbites chorizo style prices, baby leaf spinach and a sauce I can’t remember 😦

The sage and onion style prices were actually pretty good but the wraps was a bit dry and hard.

This one I tried the Calderon spiced tofu prices and oh my days I was so worried abut tasting it but it was sooooo good 🙂

This was a bit nutty for my liking but I loved the vanilla ones.

This sucked.

The free from moose x2 yogurts sucked and so did the crisps.

Veggie pie again. Note to self don’t burn it 😦

Singapore rice noodles with peppers, super grain pot and free from pesto and spiced tofu.

Yesterday I ate out for the first time this month and had flat bread and Jamaican hot pot which was amazing! This is another big change for our family as we can go out for dinner up to about four times a week!

Today I added free from pesto and tomato mix and it was good.

Lost half an stone 🙂

So I can’t say hey I’m doing brilliantly at this, but I am happy that I am giving it a bloody good go and I am actually enjoying myself! However this is a TRANSITION so with my personality type I’m just not going to be one of these people who can switch easily!

I strongly believe I will be plant based from now on with a 90% vegan diet with the odd thing here and there such as if my son brings home something from nursery I’ll eat it, I’m not going to be “Oh sorry I’m vegan” to my 2 year old and you know those special occasions going to birthday parties and that I’ll have a nibble on cake and I will have my capachino sachets because they are like my little treat unless there is a vegan alternative.

Going Vegan these days is pretty easy, there are so many alternative products available and many foods that are “Accidentally vegan” like Tescos own bourbon biscuits which I wish I never found out because I’ve been like eating packets of them 😦

I’m not going to be mean at myself about my slip ups, O’m going to congratulate the many changes I have done and am doing and that I am evolving step by step.

Love and light, Torri. x


Loving veggie

Somehow this time round I just feel so good about being veggie, I just feel that I am actually ready this time to make the transition. I feel strong about the fact I’m helping that little bit to save the animals and have re watched earthlings  (I hadn’t realized I has watched it before, some time ago and I had the same reaction of pain) I watched cowspiracy again on Netflix  (I watched it last summer also) I couldn’t finish watching it both times to be truefull as it was a little boring but the meme. So I watched vegan 2016 on YouTube and the short version of forks over knives which I both liked.

Considering my weight I’m actually the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life due to this Christmas blow out shitty ass diet. I feel terrible about myself. At the moment I’m just trying to change what I eat into a vegetarian and vegan version where possible and then I will tweak my diet persey to get it as clean and vegan as I possibly can.

So here is some of the food ive been eating.

This is literally what I’ve eaten which is marksandsparks rice Singapore noodles with m&s tender stem broccoli, carrots and sugar snap peas with 2 morrisons faffalfas mixed with gluten free soy sauce. It was sweet and tasty.

I ate this yesterday with mango chunks at my mates house while she did my hair for me. It was tasty.

Yesterday’s evening meal was a houmous, free from pesto with baby spinach and Watercress Wrap. I also had a soya vanilla yogurt, free from ice cream too.

The day before that was m&s singapore rice noodles with morrisons stir fry veg the edemee bean one with tammarI sauce plus I had a vanilla soya yogurt, free from ice cream too.

I’ve been walking 1-2 miles a day.

I’m going to go on my.treadmill in a min for about 15 mins for the first time before I collect my son from nursery.

I just feel really good about being veggie, I’m saying veggie as I do believe that I will be continuing now being vegetarian not just on the veganuary which admit ally a couple of things have slipped through such as quorn and prosecco. But we are early days and I’m happy that I’m really trying and slowly improving myself and transitioning to vegetarian.


Hello 2017

So here we are in 2017!!

Hows my year going? Okay, Okay I know we are like on day 2 but still lol I am kicking the new year in as healthy as I can by doing 2 amazing challenges for myself. The first one is Veganuary where you eat a vegan diet for all of January, I did try this least year but I had some difficulty keeping to it, but I’ll keep trying 🙂 You can check veganuary out here:

The second challenge I am doing is a sponsored walk which is: walking a mile a day thought January to raise money for Homestart. Homestart is a UK charity devoted to help families who face difficulties and hardship within their families, they provide support workers and volunteers. You can learn more about homestart here: Although I am really disappointed that I have only had one donation 😦 I’m doing it with my friend Kat who will be walking 2 miles a day, kat is a lot healthier than me so she is able to walk more. Due to my fibromyalgia and my pain/exhaustion the simple thing of going out and walking a mile a day is a huge thing for me. Learn more about Fibromyalgia here:

Sunday 1st: My hip was really bad during the night and I got very little sleep and I was worried that I’d be in pain and wouldn’t be able to walk my mile. But Atlas, I was okay and I powered through, I walked to my friend Kat’s house and spent a couple of hours with her.

I ate an apple for Breakfast after my coffee, I skipped my lunch because I went to the shops to buy something and they were all closed because it was like New years day ha ha and then went to my friend Kats house. For tea I had Quorn sausages (x3) and sweet potato fries. Now I am aware quorn is not Vegan, however I have it in the freezer and I’m happy that it’s vegetarian, so for me that’s 100% better than what I was eating!

Monday 2nd: Today I covered 2 miles walking around town to do a few of chores, in which I could only do a couple because most of the shops are closed as apparently it’s bank holiday Monday ha ha I spent like almost £80 on healthy, vegan food today!

I had my coffee and skipped breakfast, for lunch I tried avocado for the very first time! I had a Mexican rice, quinoa and avocado salad pot from Marks and Spencer with a innocent smoothie drink, It came with a chili and lime dressing. I really liked that salad so I will be eating it again. For tea I had another marks and sparks salad pot, this one was a quinoa and black rice with soya edeme beans and a vinaigrette dressing but I didn’t really like it and then I had a soya vanilla yogurt pot.

I’m going to have a green tea in a moment and tomorrows plans are to take my daughter to the library when I have dropped off my son at nursery and do the remaining  chores I need to do in town. I aim to eat the quorn products I have in my freezer first so I can then continue on the vegan diet.

I am feeling motivated and inspired so far 🙂

I got a bellabeat for Christmas too, you can find more info about the female tracker here:

It’s pretty good being able to count my steps more accurately and my sleep although I would like it to count the calories I eat tho, that would be cool!

So this year my main goal is to sort my really unhealthy diet out, to eat a more plant based diet and sort out my sugar addiction. I would like to be committed to do one exercise class, for an hour once a week.

So what are your goals?

Please sponsor me for my walk here:

That’s me for now, Torri. x

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House move & Changes

So this is what I have been getting up to recently……

Diet, transitioning to Veggie/Pestecerian:

I have been buying more vegetarian and free from food, here is some of my meals and taste tests:

These were okay, tasted a bit like burgers although a bit dry. I ate them with Root vegetable mash.


Singapore noodles (Tescos from fridge section) with Tinned mixed beans and mixed with worshire sauce.


Sweet potato and mixed bean burger with tescos frozen steamed white and wild rice with vegetables microwave pack.


Spicy Chickpea, Kale and sweet potato pie, this was pretty good although a bit too much pastry but I would buy it again. I ate it with frozen mixed steamed vegetables.


Past sauce, this was a bit hard but I think I didn’t cook it enough and I didn’t measure the water so It was really runny, so it was more my poor cooking.


This was okay, it was good to eat leafy green salad as I don’t often.


What else? 


I have bought this bad boy for £70, its getting delivered today. This should help keep me fit if I do at least 10 mins a day and work up to 30 mins. It’s both a bike and a cross trainer. So 2 work outs! I’m going to cancel my gym membership since I don’t actually go to it and I am wasting money 😦 So now I have NO escuses!


I have also booked a 1-2-1 yoga instructor to come once a week to my house after my son goes to bed, it will cost me £60 a month. So even though it’s twice the money I am paying for the gym it will be tailored to me and more accessible. I start next Wednesday and I will have 4 sessions before Christmas.


Lifestyle & Health:


So I bought this from Lush hoping it will give me a “milk bath” but it produced bubbles! I was hoping for a milk bath photoshoot for my little one, so it didn’t go to plan. I was hoping it would be a nice alternative to actual Milk.


I’ve bought these from Tescos for £7 to see if it helps with my muscle ache and help me relax before bed and sleep better. I haven’t tried it out yet.



My Dr has switched my anti depressants to these ones, they also help with pain from Fibro, although I am still struggling and my mood is a bit up and down since the transition of weeing off the other ones I have been on for about 3 years.


My Himalayan salt lamp also broke 😦 So I’m waiting for my partner to have a look at it and hopefully he can fix it.

Moving house

I’ve moved house so I now live almost in the center of town, this makes it so much easier to get out and about to get my son to Nursery and get chores done, shopping and that sort of stuff done especially since I tier so easily. It used to stress me out leaving my house before, I’d have to plan at least 40 mins before I left the house, 10/15 mins to get me and my son ready and then 20-25 min walk into town. Even just the thought of having to plan getting out was mind stealing for me, which I know sounds like a minor thing but when you have Fibro and CFS everyday tasks are hard work.

So lots more little changes, hopefully help to change things.

That’s me for now, Torri.


Vegan taste tests

In my last post I talked about my history with veganism and my desire to change back to a vegan lifestyle.

Here is what I have tried out in the last year considering vegan products as I have that “I need a meat protein” in my meal syndrome.

Quick meals: 


From: Holland and Barrett.

Make: Vegan Veggi Delli v bites.

Product: Sage and Marjoram sausages.

What I thought of them: Pretty good actually-a little herby and dry but when added with other ingredients it was fine  Although I didn’t realize they had so many calories in them which is off putting when you like to have 2-3 sausages at a time.

One of my meals: 


 One of my meals: 

Steamed mixed veggies- Broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn with Vegan herb sausages and Jamie Oliver curried chickpeas.

Plus Zero pop and sunbites bakes.


One of my meals:

Sweet potato fries cooked in chili olive oil and vegan sausage with kale, broccoli and butternut squash vegetables and a bit of wostershire sauce – yum


One of my meals:

Jamie Oliver curried chickpeas, steamed mixed veggies- sweetcorn, carrots and broccoli, with vegan sausage.


From: Holland and Barrett.

Make: Vegan Cheatin v bites.

Product: Chorizo style pieces

What I thought of them: Surprisingly spicy, I liked this! I would buy them again and have done although it wouldn’t be something Id have on a weekly basis. More like that product you get every now and again.


 One of my meals: 

Soya meat alternative with spinach, mixed peppers, carrot, butternut squash and courgettes spirals (from tescos)


One of my meals:

Slim Rice with Carrot, butternut squash, spinage, courgette and peppers with added Chia seeds and vegan chrizo style pieces (Spicy)

Plus my banana and pineapple smoothie (Yum)


Tender stem broccoli, Carrots and sugar snap beans (m&s) with potato, carrot and swede mash and chorizo style pieces.


Couscous with sultanas and spring onion, chick peas, chorizo style pieces and juice from this morning. I added salt, pepper and wostershire sauce.

Apple, pear and pineapple juice with Beet juice and chia seeds


From: You can buy this from almost anywhere.

Make: Quarn.

Product: Peppered steaks.

What I thought of it: I actually liked this, again it was a tad dry so ideally marinating it would make it less dry and add a little more flavor but it’s edible and good, Id buy it again but wouldn’t eat it as a regular meal.


One of my meals: 

M&S Tender stem broccoli, sugarsnap peas and green beaks with m&s Mexican microwavable rice and Quorn peppered stakes.


From: You can buy this from almost anywhere.

Make: Linda Mcartney (Red box)

Product: Vegetarian sausage.

What I thought of it: Yummy, Id buy again.

One of my meals: 

Peas, spinach and mixed peppers with carrot and swede mash and Linda McCartney vegan sausage. With water.



From: You can buy this from almost anywhere.

Make: Naked.

Product: Bars.

What I thought of it: So had this and the bakewell tart one and I’m not so keen, full of good stuff but it’s soft and like a protein bar but softer. I don’t think I’ll be getting them again, not for me.


From: You can buy this from almost anywhere.

Make: Trek

Product: Bars.

What I thought of it: Nasty, like eating cardboard it was hard and tasteless and like a protein bar, I wont be buying them again.


From: Holland and Barrett.

Make: Super Foodies.

Product: Organic Brown Granola Coca nibs and mocha cereal bites.

What I thought of it: I ate a dry one to taste and it was vile! I threw the whole box away, wasted money. Nasty. Tastes nothing like Chocolate!


From: Holland and Barret

Make: Veg. Out

Product: “Italiano” vegetable Lattice slice.

What I thought of it: Tasty although not enough filling so there was lots of pastry which is a little dry and flaky. Would like more filling! I’ve also tasted a different one and they are good for when your out and about and need something quick.


There are a few more products as well.

Pri peri Sweet potato and mixed bean burgers (yummy!)


This bacon style maple food product which was horrendous 😦


Organic Raw Chocolate goji berries (Horrible)


Tinned mixed spicy beans (Yummy)

Root vegan wraps (Root healthy eating cafe)

Quarn mini cocktail sausages (Had a metallic taste to them)

Various vegi soups.

Graze boxes:


So that’s it for me, I don’t know if I will continue with buying the alternative “Healthy” style vegan products as so far I haven’t found many i like the taste of and some of these products have turned me off on them since I have wasted quite a bit of money. But I do like some of the products but they are less healthy and my aim primarily is to be healthier. So I am in a bit of what the fuck do I do right now with my meals at the moment.

Love and light Torri.







Vegan Victoria

In January I attempted the “Veganrary challenge”as I want to improve my lifestyle, eat healthier and switch back to my veganism.

In 2007 I was Vegan for around a year, the problem I had was that I knew nothing about veganism or knew anyone who was vegan to help with my transition. I was also suffering from a serious eating disorder at the time, so of course I did see this as a bit of a weight loss method as it would get me out of eating a lot of products.

Turns out it was incredibly difficult for me with my raging eating disorder to keep to a vegan diet and in my binges I would eat anything and everything and throw it back up again which unfortunately could be several times a day. I wasn’t a very good vegan, I’d forget at times because my mind was so “food, food, food, feed me!” since I was fasting, and restricting to eating under 800 calories a day or eating only 200-300 calories daily. My brain wasn’t functioning very well and it didn’t occur to me that veganism was a lifestyle rather than a diet choice, I knew a bit but not enough to warrant me an logical informed change of lifestyle.

When I went into rehab to get better from my Eating disorder in 2008, I was forced to eat meat and then told that it would benefit me from being a carnivore, so I converted to a pestecerian diet of eating only chicken and fish and this lasted until 2010 when I fell pregnant and craved meat floured food. I listened to my body and thought that I needed to listen to it and went back to meat eating.

6 years later and in a much better place mentally, I feel I am ready to go back to my vegan lifestyle and this is truly what I want and not a ploy for my eating disorder although that is what Emma believed. I have witnessed first hand abuse to animals living with my abusive step father and it wasn’t simply about my eating disorder its within me.

Of course me, being me I can’t simply just fucking do something so I understand that this for me is a process, a mighty long process so here is my story and wish to change.

I shall discuss my taste tests in my next blog entry, love and light Torri.