Life Goals & desires

What I wish to achieve in my life: 

Health & Lifestyle: 

  • Quit smoking [X]
  • Quit drinking alcohol & Caffeine.
  • Go to bed before midnight.
  • Be more minimalist.
  • Making my own beauty products, reduce chemical consumption.
  • Buy Cruelty free products when not making beauty products.
  • Detox my body from Florine (iodine) and make my own toothpaste.
  • Buy a water filter, full one for all water production in my house (No Florine)
  • Reduce Painkillers, look for natural remedies instead.


  • Do yoga daily (30 mins)
  • Take an hours exercise class once or twice weekly.
  • Walk 30 mins a day.


  • Have a plant based lifestyle.
  • Buy Organic foods from local small business.
  • Grow my own fruit, herbs and veggies.
  • Drink more water and buy an alkaline water filter.

Mind & soul:

  • To meditate daily (30 mins- 15 mins morning and 15 mins before bed)


  • Play with my children more.
  • Live in a house that has a swimming pool and home gym.
  • Have a store fronted, multi room photographic studio.
  • Have at least a 500 people following.
  • Drive and own my own car.
  • Travel the world especially: Italy, USA, Japan, India, Prague, France.


  • Be an award winning photographer [X]
  • Have a better work life balance.
  • Have my work printed in print in store magazine.
  • Be technically proficient in lighting and posing.
  • Sell my work easily and have a tribe.


[X] Achieved.

Love and light Torri.