I am Torri

Torri’s world.

They call me Victoria, although I have a few alias and nicknames over the years.

I am a parent to two children, Sophia; my beautiful healthy girl was born in 2011. My beautiful healthy son Leo was born in 2014.

  • I am a self proclaimed artist, I like working with mixed media.
  • I am a portrait photographer (Check out my Work page)
  • I like to write poetry, although I don’t read much poetry.
  • I love visual art and being creative.
  • I love drinking coffee and going out for coffee with my friends.
  • I am a big dreamer.
  • I am an Echelon (30STM)
  • I love listening to music, watching Films and TV programs.
  • I am a keen hobbyist in various subjects such as sewing, blogging, most creative things , directing and editing.
  • I am a Yogi, I like to do Yoga.
  • I am a INFJ-T personality.
  • I am a Taurus.
  • I am a spiritual person and am on a journey of enlightenment.
  • I like singing and dancing, literally no word of a lie I cannot do either!
  • I am a flexible pesterian (A person who only eats Chicken & Fish)
  • I believe in the powers of be, I like to call so called powers God.
  • My favorite bands are HIM, Iamx and Linkin park.

This is my world, I am Torri.

(Cover photo by Jon Howson, March 2012)