Healthy (Pestecarian) meals out & about

Some of the healthy pestecerian (Checken and Fish meals) I have ordered and bought whist I have been out and about.

I mainly eat at the Lincolnshire otter and weatherspoons.

I ocassionally eat at Frankies and Bennies and Prezzos for special occasions.

I am transitioning back to pestecerian before going to be a Flexi vegan.

Out and about: 

Frankies and Bennies salmon (With fresh lemon juice)
Veggies- Green beans, broccoli and peas with buttered Romany new potatoes.

I also buy this at the Otter and Weatherspoons.




I got this at the Lincolnshire Otter- Pesto covered seabass (Fish) with Grilled Tomatoes (I didn’t eat as I don’t like tomatoes) New potatoes with butter and Green vegetables (Broccoli, Sugar snap Peas, Green beans) & Sweetcorn. I added s&p of course as I cant eat my meals without salt and Pepper. This was super tasty and got me into eating Pesto (Free from kind)


Fish sushi selection (Available anywhere)


Tescos Chicken pasta salad (Tomato and basil sauce)


Ordered this special at the otter today. Can’t remember exactly what it was but sweet potato and quinoa with a healthy flat bread and chill based hummus.


Prezos fries and pan fried fish salad.

I also had a kick ass martini with this and they give you a shot of prezzo with it! #yum


Weatherspoons: chilli super food egg noodle salad with added Chciken (This is very filling)


Lincolnshire otter- chicken salad with Moroccan style giant couscous. Yummy!


Root Cafe:


Today I ate at root, it was quite expensive tho.
However I ended up eating my son’s spelt ham and cucumber bun as he didn’t eat it and I ate my wrap later on.
I also had an apple juice I shared with my son and drank my budda drink later also.
I didn’t think much of the seaweed.
I went over to m&s and got some healthy food 🙂


This Budda drink tasted like crap.


This was amazing, the Red wraps are tomato based and Green wraps are spinage based wraps!


M&S salad: This was yummy!


Well that’s it for now, lots of different meals tasted, most of them yummy, I do like to eat out!

Love and light Torri.



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