Vegan taste tests

In my last post I talked about my history with veganism and my desire to change back to a vegan lifestyle.

Here is what I have tried out in the last year considering vegan products as I have that “I need a meat protein” in my meal syndrome.

Quick meals: 


From: Holland and Barrett.

Make: Vegan Veggi Delli v bites.

Product: Sage and Marjoram sausages.

What I thought of them: Pretty good actually-a little herby and dry but when added with other ingredients it was fine  Although I didn’t realize they had so many calories in them which is off putting when you like to have 2-3 sausages at a time.

One of my meals: 


 One of my meals: 

Steamed mixed veggies- Broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn with Vegan herb sausages and Jamie Oliver curried chickpeas.

Plus Zero pop and sunbites bakes.


One of my meals:

Sweet potato fries cooked in chili olive oil and vegan sausage with kale, broccoli and butternut squash vegetables and a bit of wostershire sauce – yum


One of my meals:

Jamie Oliver curried chickpeas, steamed mixed veggies- sweetcorn, carrots and broccoli, with vegan sausage.


From: Holland and Barrett.

Make: Vegan Cheatin v bites.

Product: Chorizo style pieces

What I thought of them: Surprisingly spicy, I liked this! I would buy them again and have done although it wouldn’t be something Id have on a weekly basis. More like that product you get every now and again.


 One of my meals: 

Soya meat alternative with spinach, mixed peppers, carrot, butternut squash and courgettes spirals (from tescos)


One of my meals:

Slim Rice with Carrot, butternut squash, spinage, courgette and peppers with added Chia seeds and vegan chrizo style pieces (Spicy)

Plus my banana and pineapple smoothie (Yum)


Tender stem broccoli, Carrots and sugar snap beans (m&s) with potato, carrot and swede mash and chorizo style pieces.


Couscous with sultanas and spring onion, chick peas, chorizo style pieces and juice from this morning. I added salt, pepper and wostershire sauce.

Apple, pear and pineapple juice with Beet juice and chia seeds


From: You can buy this from almost anywhere.

Make: Quarn.

Product: Peppered steaks.

What I thought of it: I actually liked this, again it was a tad dry so ideally marinating it would make it less dry and add a little more flavor but it’s edible and good, Id buy it again but wouldn’t eat it as a regular meal.


One of my meals: 

M&S Tender stem broccoli, sugarsnap peas and green beaks with m&s Mexican microwavable rice and Quorn peppered stakes.


From: You can buy this from almost anywhere.

Make: Linda Mcartney (Red box)

Product: Vegetarian sausage.

What I thought of it: Yummy, Id buy again.

One of my meals: 

Peas, spinach and mixed peppers with carrot and swede mash and Linda McCartney vegan sausage. With water.



From: You can buy this from almost anywhere.

Make: Naked.

Product: Bars.

What I thought of it: So had this and the bakewell tart one and I’m not so keen, full of good stuff but it’s soft and like a protein bar but softer. I don’t think I’ll be getting them again, not for me.


From: You can buy this from almost anywhere.

Make: Trek

Product: Bars.

What I thought of it: Nasty, like eating cardboard it was hard and tasteless and like a protein bar, I wont be buying them again.


From: Holland and Barrett.

Make: Super Foodies.

Product: Organic Brown Granola Coca nibs and mocha cereal bites.

What I thought of it: I ate a dry one to taste and it was vile! I threw the whole box away, wasted money. Nasty. Tastes nothing like Chocolate!


From: Holland and Barret

Make: Veg. Out

Product: “Italiano” vegetable Lattice slice.

What I thought of it: Tasty although not enough filling so there was lots of pastry which is a little dry and flaky. Would like more filling! I’ve also tasted a different one and they are good for when your out and about and need something quick.


There are a few more products as well.

Pri peri Sweet potato and mixed bean burgers (yummy!)


This bacon style maple food product which was horrendous 😦


Organic Raw Chocolate goji berries (Horrible)


Tinned mixed spicy beans (Yummy)

Root vegan wraps (Root healthy eating cafe)

Quarn mini cocktail sausages (Had a metallic taste to them)

Various vegi soups.

Graze boxes:


So that’s it for me, I don’t know if I will continue with buying the alternative “Healthy” style vegan products as so far I haven’t found many i like the taste of and some of these products have turned me off on them since I have wasted quite a bit of money. But I do like some of the products but they are less healthy and my aim primarily is to be healthier. So I am in a bit of what the fuck do I do right now with my meals at the moment.

Love and light Torri.








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