BlendActive and smoothies

Last year I asked for a Blend Active from Santa because I wanted to be healthy. I used it well for the first 3 months or so lol

Here are some of my trial recipes:

Ingredients are 1 granny smith apple, spinach and pineapple.

Plus Chia seeds and raw honey, not too bad actually and makes 2 Glasses.


Pineapple and Banana smoothie

Plus Chia seeds.


Banana, pineapple and mango smoothie with Chi seeds.


Banana, Pineapple, Strawberry and Chi seeds.


Banana, mixed berried: Raspberries and Strawberries.


Mixed berries, mango and pomegranate seeds with strawberry yogurt smoothie.


Today’s juice sucked a bit- made one glass-

splash of beet juice, 1 banana, 3 large strawberries, 4 large chunks of pineapple and half a dozen blueberries with Chia seeds and teaspoon of raw honey.


Apple, pear and pineapple juice with Beet juice and chi seeds.

Beat Juice is nasty 😦



Bloody nasty

& that green shot was £16!!!

Banana, strawberry and Green boost shot blended with water.


So I have recently taken my Blend active out again, but my other half has been staying with me a lot because his house is being renovated. With Matt over I have been eating loads of shit, because well that’s his diet all over. I am moving house in like 2 weeks though, so I am going to get back on track!
That’s it four now!
Love and Light Torri.



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